Why the Writers Guild Awards Never Nominate Quentin Tarantino

One way the Writers Guild of America leverages clout is by withholding non-signatories from being part of the WGA Awards.

That’s why unlike other guilds, a clump of indie, British, and animated movies find themselves excluded every year.

A WGA nomination isn’t essential for Oscar nomination; exceptions include American indie “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” Iranian Oscar-winner “A Separation,” Oscar-winning British films “Les Miserables” and “The Favourite,” and all Pixar animated contenders, from “Up” to “Incredibles 2.” “The Artist” and “The King’s Speech” both won Best Picture without the benefit of a WGA nomination.One person who never appears on those ballots: Quentin Tarantino.

After the WGA granted the young screenwriter only a story credit on Oliver Stone’s “Natural Born Killers,” Tarantino refused to join the guild.

And so he’s not among the 64 original and 44 adapted screenplays on the WGA ballots that members began receiving this week.

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