Will Smith Says Press Was ‘Vicious’ to His Son Over ‘After Earth’ Failure: I Led Him into ‘Public Mauling’

It’s a great time to be Will Smith.

The actor is a frontrunner to land an Oscar nomination for his performance in “King Richard,” opening in theaters and streaming on HBO Max beginning November 19, and he has a new memoir titled “Will” that’s generating a ton of buzz and is now available for purchase.

One of the more candid moments of the memoir comes when Smith reveals that his son, Jaden, asked to be emancipated from his parents at 15 years old following the critical and box office failure of “After Earth.” The 2013 M.

Night Shyamalan film was based on Will’s original idea and was anticipated for reuniting Will and Jaden on screen for the first time since “The Pursuit of Happyness,” which earned Will an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.“‘After Earth’ was an abysmal box office and critical failure,” Will writes in his memoir (via People

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