Willem Dafoe Gave Us One of His Most Menacing Villains in This YA Movie

Willem Dafoe is an actor renowned for his versatility, but it’s his villainous qualities that have become his most beloved roles.

Whether he’s a crazed supervillain like the Green Goblin in Spider-Man, a hulking hitman in The Grand Budapest Hotel, a probing investigator in American Psycho, an insane sailor in The Lighthouse, or a ruthless gang leader in Streets of Fire, Dafoe can show the weird, wicked side of human nature in endlessly compelling ways.

There’s nothing better than watching Dafoe chew the scenery, even if it comes in the most unexpected projects.

Dafoe somehow retained his villainous personna in the young adult adaptation The Fault in Our Stars, taking anyone unfamiliar with the novel by surprise.

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