Willem Dafoe In Talks To Join Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu

In news that seems both incredibly obvious and shocking at the same time, Willem Dafoe is boarding Robert Eggers’ long-gestating remake of “Nosferatu.” Deadline confirmed the casting in an exclusive report, although they did not detail his potential role.

What we know, however, is that he won’t be playing Count Orlok, the harrowing vampire brought to life by Max Schreck in the F.W.

Murnau classic.

That distinction will be handled by another classic Weird Guy™, Bill Skarsgärd.

Don’t worry, though — Dafoe got his chance to don the makeup in the meta-dramedy “Shadow of the Vampire.”Even if he isn’t playing Orlok, Dafoe seems tailor-made for a project like this, especially with Eggers.

The two first collaborated on 2019’s “The Lighthouse” and reunited with the criminally underrated “The Northman” in 2022.

Based on this relationship, it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that he at least knew of Eggers’ desire to remake the film,

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