William Bogert, Who Appeared in ‘War Games,’ ‘Small Wonder,’ Dies at 83

TV, film and theater actor William Bogert, who appeared in a recurring role on 1980s sitcom “Small Wonder” and in films such as “War Games,” died Jan.

12 in New York.

He was 83.On “Small Wonder,” which ran from 1985 to 1989, Bogert played Brandon Brindle, the Lawsons’ neighbor and Harriet’s father who became Ted Lawson’s boss after stealing his ideas.On Dave Chappelle’s “Chapelle’s Show,” Bogert was Kent Wallace, the host of “Frontline” spoofs.Bogert also appeared in the well-known political ad “Confessions of a Republican” in 1964, stumping for Lyndon B.


He returned to the character in a 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign video, explaining that although he actually had been a Republican when he made the 1964 commercial and all his life, he felt now that Donald Trump was not the kind of Republication he could endorse.

“He scares me,” Bogert says about Trump, repeating his assessment of Barry Goldwater from decades before.

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