William Jackson Harper Highlights His ‘Before Sunrise’ Moment in ‘Love Life’ Season 2

Welcome to My Favorite Moment! In a new week-long series IndieWire spoke to the actors behind just a few of our favorite television performances of the year about how the onscreen moment they are most proud of came together.The gift (and some would argue curse) of a romantic comedy is that it tends to follow familiar beats like the meet-cute, the break-up, the reconciliation, and even a quick look at the couple’s happily ever after, that just need to be executed well for the project to work.The HBO Max anthology series “Love Life,” which centers on a protagonist from their first love to their lasting love, impressively delivers on the genre’s tropes, but with its narrative taking place over 10 episodes, also answers the question of what happens in those in between moments that go overlooked in the movie version of a relationship.Season 2 star William Jackson Harper,

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