‘Willy’s Wonderland’ Review: Nicolas Cage Faces Off Against Animatronic Kiddie Monsters in a Horror Bash That Revels in its Cageness

Directed by Kevin Lewis, from a script by G.O.

Parsons, this defiantly out-of-the-box and in some ways rather cunning grunge horror film, set from dusk till dawn inside a run-down family fun center, is a tongue-in-cheek thriller that knows how preposterous it is.The monsters, you see, are the kiddie palace’s resident menagerie of towering animatronic mascots.

They’re possessed by evil spirits, and they’ll tear your head off.

But even as that sounds like the stuff of overripe horror parody, “Willy’s Wonderland,” taking its cue from films like “Leprechaun,” “Two Thousand Maniacs,” and Tobe Hooper’s “The Funhouse”, treats its homicidal-furry-mascot premise as if it were a pre-ironic ’80s hack-’em-up.

The movie is a canny ghoulie potboiler that whisks you along.

And that, in no small part, is because of the other arresting creature at its center.I’m talking about Nicolas Cage.

I hadn’t seen a scuzzy,

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