Winter TV Awards: ‘The Mandalorian’ Is a Crowd-Pleaser, but Is It an Awards Player?

Can you participate in the streaming television game and not be interested in awards validation?It’s a question that kept bouncing around my head during last week’s Investors Day call, where the Walt Disney Company put on quite a show, bombarding critics and fans alike with news of pending content, most of which draws from the organization’s endless troves of intellectual property.

There was a clear feeling of dominance at the event, which also announced that the streamer’s subscriptions had reached nearly 90 million — a full four years sooner than its pre-launch goals.All of which is great, particularly in light of the streamer’s seemingly accidental success this year at the Emmy Awards, where “The Mandalorian” won seven awards from 15 nominations.It’s an exciting time, particularly for fans of Star Wars and Marvel, with each franchise having 10 series in the works, as well as 10 Disney live-action,

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