‘Wolfwalkers’: How Cartoon Saloon Experimented with the ‘Wolfvision’ Pov for the Irish Folktale

For directors Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart, their hand-drawn “Wolfwalkers” Irish folktale demanded something special to convey the Pov of running with the wolves.

That’s because Wolfwalkers are humans that possess a spiritual connection with the wolves and roam among them at night as avatars.

And Wolfvision, according to Moore, was “an attempt to show how the world appears to [Robyn, the protagonist], with a limited palette but heightened colors and expressive styles for scents and sounds.”But because this type of bold experimentation required greater stylization and 3D augmentation than they were accustomed to, the directors tapped an outside the box specialist to supervise the three-minute Wolfvision footage: Eimhin McNamara, owner of the Paper Panther studio in Dublin.

“We had absolutely no idea of what the finished look would be,” added Stewart.

“But we knew that we had to have something really immersive and almost like a roller coaster ride so

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