‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Warner Bros. Mulls January HBO Max Release or Delay to Summer 2021

Six weeks before “Wonder Woman 1984” is scheduled to open in theaters on Christmas, Warner Bros.

execs are considering whether to push the highly anticipated superhero sequel to the summer of 2021, or keep the movie on its Dec.

25 theatrical debut and then put it on the HBO Max streaming service in early January, according to sources with knowledge of the plans.The fate of the highly anticipated superhero film has been in limbo since the Covid-19 pandemic first hit in March, pushing the film’s theatrical release from June 5 to Aug.

14, then to Oct.

2, and finally to Dec.


But with Covid-19 cases spiking at alarming rates across the country, Warner Bros.

is facing the the specter of another widespread shutdown, especially in major urban areas that drive the vast majority of the theatrical business.

A cursory theatrical release could still support exhibitors on the knife’s edge of collapse, while

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