‘Woodstock 99’ Review: All Rage, Little Peace in HBO’s Must-Watch Documentary

Anyone who was a child or teenager in the late-1990s remembers Woodstock ’99; it was one of those presumably life-altering rites of passage that proved you were almost an adult.

But much like MTV Spring Break, Woodstock ’99 held a far darker reality only clearly visible after entering adulthood.Director Garret Price is no slouch at being able to perfectly encapsulate a moment in time, whether that be in the music world (he helmed 2015’s “Janis Joplin: Little Girl Blue”) or a person.

Here, the minute the opening guitar riff of Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy” starts playing, a few of the doc’s attributes are immediately evident: If you loved rock of this period you’re in for a treat, and you are definitely gonna feel like you dropped back into 1999.The documentary plays out in a straightforward manner, detailing the desire from Woodstock creatives Michael Lang and John

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