‘Work It’ Review: Netflix’s Spin on ‘Step Up’ Style Dance Movie Is Fun and Forgettable

Work It” knows its angles: Early in Laura Terruso’s fun-but-forgettable high school dance competition movie, one of its more engaging stars makes a joke about hopping into a time machine to scoop up a young Channing Tatum.

If only! Tatum, of course, got his Hollywood start in his very own high school dance competition movie, “Step Up,” which not only launched his career but also a robust, multi-platform franchise.

Terruso’s film isn’t exactly trying to be the next “Step Up,” but it winks toward one of the genre’s most popular entries and works overtime to keep pace.Funnily enough, though, “Work It” is While there is comfort in the familiar, there’s also boredom, and anyone who has seen even one film centered on high schoolers dancing it up and making their way in the world will know exactly where “Work It” is going.

The expectations

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