‘Wrath of Man,’ ‘Nobody’ Lead VOD Box Office, ‘Queen Bees’ Clicks on Premium

On the surface, it might appear that little changed with home viewing this weekend.

At least as far as can be told with “In the Heights” (Warner Bros.) on HBO Max.

Even with theaters of great interest, unlike its disappointing gross, results at home remain a mystery.But a second glance reveals a few nuggets of note.

A handful of new releases arrived, including “Queen Bees” (Gravitas Ventures) on Premium VOD, which also placed in the theatrical box-office top 10.Meanwhile, some positions suggest how different pricing strategies may have an impact on results, including possible consumer resistance to prices higher than normal.

That might be the case with “Mortal Kombat” (Warner Bros.).“Wrath of Man” (United Artists/$19.99) edged out “Nobody” (Universal/$19.99) as the top performer.

Both had two #1 placements across the charts.

But “Wrath” did slightly better, taking two #2 positions, while “Nobody” was #3 on two charts.

(See the rankings below.

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