Yellowjackets Season 2 Confirms What Happened To That Body, You Know The One

Spoilers for “Yellowjackets” follow.The flashback storyline in “Yellowjackets” follows teenage girls from 1996 suburban New Jersey who are part of their high school’s “Yellowjacket” soccer team.

While flying to Seattle for a National championship match, they crash land in the woods of northern Canada.

From the beginning, we’ve known where this is heading; the survivors will eventually turn to cannibalism, not just to stave off starvation but as part of ritualistic practice.Flashbacks in the pilot showed a girl being caught in a trap and killed by the Yellowjackets — thanks to some concealing camera angles and the cultists’ heavy fur coats, we don’t know their identities yet, preserving some mystery.

Episode 2 of the second season, “Edible Complex,” revealed the girls’ first indulgence with human flesh while tying up a loose end from season 1.Jackie Taylor (Ella Purnell), the Yellowjackets’ captain, had a rough go of it in season 1.

She stubbornly

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