Your Agent Is a Con Artist: ‘Beta Test’ Director Jim Cummings Wants to Liberate Indie Filmmaking

The story usually goes like this: Filmmaker delivers promising work, scores an agent, and lets them take charge.

Jim Cummings is on a mission to change that.

After turning his Sundance-acclaimed short film “Thunder Road” into a feature with crowdfunding, he secured a Sundance Creative Distribution Fellowship grant to support his self-distribution efforts.

Eventually, the movie made back its $200,000 production exclusively in France, which exceeded any traditional distribution offers he’d received.

The director came out of the experience intent on retaining control of his work without any representation — and eager to convince other filmmakers to do the same.“Agencies don’t actually care about independent film,” Cummings said in an interview last week.

“They care about money and power.

The way we make films is by completely circumventing that system.”Now, Cummings and co-director Pj McCabe have made the case with a new movie.

With “The Best Test,” the

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