Zack Snyder Made an IMAX Version of His ‘Justice League’ – But There Are No Big-Screen Release Plans

Zack Snyder’s version of “Justice League” is just two weeks away from its premiere on HBO Max, but the filmmaker says he’s already made a version of it specifically for IMAX screens.

Just don’t expect it anytime soon.In an interview with IGN this past weekend, Snyder mentioned that along with his director’s cut, “Justice League” will get a special black-and-white edit he calls “Justice Is Gray” when it is released on March 18.

He also said that during reshoots, he shot new footage in a 1.43:1 ratio and reformatted the movie to that same ratio to fit IMAX screens in the hopes that once the Covid-19 pandemic ends, fans could get a chance to see the film on the biggest screen possible.“To me, the ultimate version is the black-and-white IMAX version,” Snyder said.But for now, fans will have to settle for HBO Max, as

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