Zodiac Worked Because David Fincher Didn’t Give You What You Wanted

David Fincher’s 2007 thriller, Zodiac, does what few films can; it doesn’t give you the desired outcome at the end but still works as a taut psychological film.

Based on the non-fiction novels Zodiac and Zodiac: Unmasked by Robert Graysmith (who is played by Jake Gyllenhaal in the film), Zodiac centers around the string of murders and the exhaustive search for a serial killer who is preying upon young couples in the late 60s and into the 70s.

Set in Northern California around the Bay Area, it’s remarkably true to its source material and defies the typical formula for the serial killer movie.

We’ve grown accustomed to films that are centered around the pursuit of solving murder mysteries like Murder On the Orient Express or Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows with Hercule Poirot and Holmes basking in the brilliance of their deductive acumen after piecing together a series

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