Zooey Deschanel: I’m Not the ‘One-Dimensional’ Villain of ‘500 Days of Summer,’ Fans Should ‘Think Deeper’

Zooey Deschanel is debunking the “manic pixie dream girl” trope that has plagued film, TV, and the Internet this century.Deschanel, whose filmography has all but embodied the lovable, goofy, and whimsically edgy stereotype, slammed the concept in an interview with The Guardian.“I don’t feel it’s accurate.

I’m not a girl.

I’m a woman,” Deschanel responded to a fan-submitted question.

“It doesn’t hurt my feelings, but it’s a way of making a woman one-dimensional and I’m not one-dimensional.”She continued, “I think the tendency is still to make women one-dimensional, so you have to add dimension, if you can.

The more screen time a female character gets, the more space there is to show complexities, but there has been a shift, so I’m optimistic.”Yet Deschanel’s most famous Mpdg role remains 2009 romantic dramedy “500 Days of Summer” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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