‘1917’: Why Cinematographer Roger Deakins Should Win a Second Oscar for His Tour de Force

It took 14 nominations before cinematographer Roger Deakins finally landed the elusive Oscar for “Blade Runner 2049.” He’s the frontrunner again for “1917,” the bravura, single-shot-seeming World War I thriller, directed by Sam Mendes.

But this time it’s different: he’s entering the realm of Emmanuel (Chivo) Lubezki with his technical feat.“1917” is not only the tour de force of the season, but also the boldest movie of Deakins’ legendary career.

On Friday, he earned his 16th Asc nomination, and is now on track to win his second consecutive Oscar.Yet the concept of shooting “1917” as one continuous take (stitched together by editor Lee Smith) initially came as quite a shock to Deakins.

That is, until Mendes convinced him that it was the best way to tell his story of two young British soldiers — Schofield (George MacKay) and Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) — sent on a seemingly impossible mission to

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