‘A Mouthful of Air’ Review: Amanda Seyfried Spirals in Oblique Mental Health Portrait

Depression isn’t rational, and the strongest aspect of “A Mouthful of Air” is its refusal to propose a one-to-one explanation for the cause of the common, and debilitating, condition.

Writer/director Amy Koppelman’s adaptation of her 2003 novel of the same name charts the plight of new mom Julie (Amanda Seyfried), who unsuccessfully attempts to take her own life shortly before her child’s first birthday, and then strives to cope with negative thoughts and feelings she can’t shake.

, and the latter will likely make it a tough sell when it debuts in theaters on Oct.

29.Alternating between delicacy and preciousness, “A Mouthful of Air” begins with children’s novelist Julie caring for her infant son Teddy in the Manhattan apartment she shares with her husband Ethan (Finn Wittrock).

After kissing Ethan goodbye in the morning, Julie places Teddy in an exersaucer and, before her sister-in-law Lucy (Jennifer Carpenter

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