A Simple Line From Number Six Brought Religion To Battlestar Galactica

Religion has always been integral to “Battlestar Galactica.” Glen A.

Larson, the creator of the original 1978 series, was a practicing Mormon and his faith influenced the series.

For instance, Kobol, humanity’s original home-world in “BSG,” is an obvious anagram of Kolob, which Mormons believe to be a celestial body close to the throne of God.

The concept of the 12 tribes of man also parallels the 12 tribes of Israel.

Like the Israelites escaping bondage in Egypt, Galactica and her fleet are traveling in search of a promised home.The reimagined “Battlestar Galactica” didn’t have the same influence; it imported the Mormom-flavored concepts…The post A Simple Line From Number Six Brought Religion to Battlestar Galactica appeared first on /Film.

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