‘Abominable’ #1 as the Oscar-Season ‘Judy’ Soared With $3 Million

DreamWorks Animation’s “Abominable” achieved a surprisingly easy #1 this weekend.

With just under $21 million, it fell into line with cartoon features around this period.

“Smallfoot” last year took in $23 million.That was enough to easily top the second weekend of “Downton Abbey.” The big-screen extension of the popular British series added $14.5 million to its already surprisingly strong domestic return.Had a second studio release opened, the weekend likely would have exceeded last year.

That didn’t happen for two reasons.

This was the date Universal slated the Blumhouse-produced “The Hunt” before the studio pulled it in the face of controversy over its violence.

The other is that with “Joker” opening next week, most distributors preferred not to face that competition for a release’s second week.If 2019 is to equal the 2018’s $11.9 billion total, all remaining weeks need to gross (on average) $40,000 or more than the previous year’s same date.

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