Adam Sandler Gets Oscar Snub Redemption With Raucous Indie Spirits Speech

Fans of Josh and Benny Safdie’s nail-biter “Uncut Gems” have been eager to see Adam Sandler lauded for his performance as scumbag bling jeweler Howard Ratner since one of the earliest screenings of the film at the Toronto International Film Festival, where an audience member yelled “An Oscar for Sandman!,” creating a refrain repeated throughout awards season.

Despite all the acclaim for his performance, Sandler didn’t land an Academy Award nod.

But on Saturday he received a redemption of sorts when he won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead.In his acceptance speech, Sandler went into character, as he previously did when introducing the Safdies at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, offering a self-aware reflection on what it meant for him to win.“Hello my name is Adam Sandler,” he began in the goofy voice he would use for duration of the speech.

“Thank you.

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