Alan Moore’s Relationship With DC Comics Is More Complicated Than You Think

Few comic book writers have received as much praise as Alan Moore, and even fewer have enjoyed such a contentious relationship with the entire industry.

His work on such graphic novels as Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Batman: The Killing Joke has seen Moore being listed as the greatest writer in comics, but despite his abundance of praise for the medium itself, his relationship with the companies controlling said medium has become extraordinarily bitter.

In 2022, after years of speculation, Moore confirmed that he was retired from comics, stating that while he would “always love and adore the comics medium… the comics industry and all of the stuff attached to it just became unbearable.” Given how much he has championed the comic book as a serious method of storytelling, it makes you wonder just what on earth happened to elicit this severe reaction.

Well, there are a lot of explanations,…

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