Alan Rickman’s secret showbiz diaries: the late actor on Harry Potter, politics and what he really thought of his co-stars

After his death in 2016, Rickman left a trove of revealing journals.

In this exclusive extract, he recounts his 10 years playing Professor Snape – and the many political and Hollywood dramas along the way• ‘An unbelievable Die Hard rip-off’: two decades of Rickman’s withering film reviewsFrom 1972, Alan Rickman kept a pocket diary in which he noted appointments, anniversaries, opening nights and addresses.

In 1992, he started to produce a much fuller account of his life and work and bought diaries from a local stationer’s that gave him a page a day to play with.

These number 26 volumes, several of which are colourfully and beautifully illustrated.Why he kept a diary is unclear.

Diarists come in all shapes, and their reasons for recording their lives are similarly diverse.

Some people want to bear witness to earth-shattering events while others are content to detail what appears to be trivia but which,

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