Alex Garland’s Next Project Won’t Be Sci-Fi, but He Wants His ‘Devs’ Cast to Star

Alex Garland’s FX on Hulu series “Devs” has just launched on the new platform, with the first two episodes of the science-fiction miniseries now available to stream.

The “Ex Machina” and “Annihilation” filmmaker, directing on the small screen for the first time, conjures a dystopian vision of the hubris of Silicon Valley, simmering with atmosphere and dread.

According to a new interview with Collider, he’s already back at the drawing board for his next project, which he also envisions as another series — and with some of the same actors as “Devs.”Garland said of his ensemble that he “thought that it would be an interesting thing to take what theater does, quite often, which is to have a company, and then you move around the parts within the company, and you can do a different play with the same actors, where someone who’s the lead in one is now a supporting actor.

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