‘Alien: Awakening’: Plot Details Revealed For On-Hold Ridley Scott Sequel

While the future of Ridley Scott’s “Alien” franchise on the big screen remains unclear, details about the intended next film, “Alien: Awakening,” are coming into focus.

As part of Empire Magazine’s special “Alien” anniversary issue (via Av Club), the publication confirmed screenwriter John Logan, who co-wrote “Alien: Covenant” with Dante Harper, has already finished writing “Awakening” and the film is now waiting to be made.

Empire even spilled the beans on the next sequel’s plot.Following the events of “Covenant,” in which it was revealed the android David (Michael Fassbender) caused a genocide on the planet Paradise that wiped out the Engineer population, “Awakening” would find a group of Engineers who survived the mass murder making it their mission to exact revenge and kill David.

The Engineers were first introduced in “Prometheus” and are humanity’s forerunners.

The fight was expected to bring both parties to Lv-

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