All Of Wes Anderson’s Roald Dahl Netflix Shorts Ranked

Did you know that there are four brand new short films written and directed by Wes Anderson that are adapted from short stories by Roald Dahl and available for you to watch on Netflix right now? It would not surprise me in the slightest if you didn’t.

I know short films are not the biggest attention grabbers, but this is one of the best and most recognizable American auteurs taking on the work of one of Britain’s most beloved authors of the 20th Century.

Surely, you would want the word to get out there about this, especially given how successfully Anderson previously adapted Dahl’s work with his stop-motion adaptation of “Fantastic Mr.

Fox.” Alas, Netflix made the plans for these shorts very unclear and definitely did not effectively communicate their release strategy, with one coming out every day for four days.

The first short, “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar,…

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