Ana de Armas Says Social Media Killed the Movie Star for New Generations: ‘We’ve Done That to Ourselves’

Does Hollywood still produce movie stars? Jennifer Aniston proclaimed last year the movie star is dead, and it’s a sentiment Ana de Armas somewhat agrees with.

The “Blonde” Oscar nominee was asked about the state of movie stardom by Vanity Fair as part of its 2023 Hollywood issue, to which she said movie stars no longer exist for younger generations because of social media.“I feel like the new generations don’t have that concept, because of social media,” de Armas said.

“There is so much information out there and oversharing.

The concept of a movie star is someone untouchable you only see onscreen.

That mystery is gone.

For the most part, we’ve done that to ourselves—nobody’s keeping anything from anyone anymore.”De Armas’ social media footprint is limited to Instagram and Instagram alone.

“I barely use it because I just feel like things are always wrong on social media,

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