‘Arrested Development’ Is Definitely Not Coming Back, David Cross Says

Plenty of beloved television shows have been revived over the years, but don’t expect “Arrested Development” to make a triumphant return.David Cross, who portrayed Tobias Fünke on the acclaimed sitcom, discussed the show and a handful of other topics in a recent interview on The Daily Beast’s The Last Laugh podcast.

Cross noted that a lack of scripts, extended shoots, and various tensions made it difficult for the cast and crew to work on the show and repeatedly stated the show would not be coming back.“We didn’t know what we were supposed to do, things weren’t making sense to us,” he says.

“And we were doing reshoots on things because somebody thought of a joke three weeks later, so we had to reshoot something for a story thing that we had no concept of what was happening.

It was a terrible way for actors

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