As Indie Films Look to Drive-Ins for Theatrical Runs, a Masked Cast and Crew Celebrate Under the Stars

As cars lined up by the dozens to get into the Mission Tiki Drive-In before dusk on Friday night, the producer of one of the films showing at the four-screen outdoor venue was holding a clipboard, manning a guest list for cast and crew members who were driving across the L.A.

County line to Montclair to celebrate the opening night of their very limited theatrical run.

Like any movie that has bowed on the big screen in recent weeks, “The Wretched” is playing exclusively at what the trades used to call ozoners.“I’ve been meaning to come out here for a long time, because a bunch of my filmmaker buds come out here,” said Chang Tseng, producer of the indie horror pic, which IFC released this weekend.

“I haven’t been to a drive-in since I was 15.”“Just like everybody else here,” laughed Frank Huttinger, vice president of De Anza,

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