Ava DuVernay Says Some of the Oscars Telecast Backlash ‘Minimizes the Meaning of True Exclusion’

Three weeks out from the Oscars telecast, and uproar continues to reign within the Academy over its decision to exclude eight key categories from the live ceremony and instead weave them as pre-recorded segments into the broadcast.

The move came in response to last year’s record-low ratings for the pandemic show at L.A.’s Union Station, and in hopes to keep audiences engaged throughout the three-hour-and-counting show.

Now, a new story in The Hollywood Reporter details infighting among Academy members and governors over the Academy’s decision, and over the industry reaction and backlash itself.One Academy governor, Oscar-nominated filmmaker (“The 13th”) and Array distribution and production founder Ava DuVernay, went on record in the story alongside other voices, including music brand governor Laura Karpman.

DuVernay calls attention to how the word “excluded” in regards to these eight categories and the backlash surrounding their omission from the live

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