Babysitter Review: A Zany Exploration Of Misogyny And Motherhood [Sundance 2022]

Whimsical colors and frenzied editing help define Monia Chokri’s “Babysitter,” a screwball suburban fairy tale about embedded misogyny and hidden hypocrisies.

After a drunken outing to see an Mma fight, middle-aged office drone Cédric spots a familiar face while walking home with his friends.

A local TV news reporter is broadcasting in the crowd in the aftermath of the fight, and in a moment of inebriated glee, Cédric interrupts the broadcast by shouting, “I love you, Chantal!” and kisses her on the side of the head.

Naturally she’s horrified and pushes him away,…The post Babysitter Review: A Zany Exploration of Misogyny and Motherhood [Sundance 2022] appeared first on /Film.

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