Batman Unburied Podcast Casts Gina Rodriguez As Barbara Gordon

There’s a whole lotta Batgirl content coming our way, including a brand-new Spotify podcast from creator David S.

Goyer called “Batman Unburied.” While we’ve known that the audio drama was coming since 2020, an important casting announcement was made at DC FanDome: “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez will be voicing Barbara Gordon, a.k.a.

Batgirl.At the global fan event on Saturday, Warner Bros., DC, and Spotify announced the final casting for the upcoming podcast.

Rodriguez herself gave the announcement, sharing her excitement at joining Goyer’s psychological thriller.

Check out the announcement video below.In “Batman Unburied,” former police commissioner Jim Gordon’s daughter Barbara will battle with her own beliefs, trying…The post Batman Unburied Podcast Casts Gina Rodriguez as Barbara Gordon appeared first on /Film.

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