Belfast Review: Kenneth Branagh’s Drama Is Funny And Sweet And Missing Something [TIFF 2021]

Belfast” is often a charming and lovely film. The characters are kind and heartfelt, played by talented actors who bring their all to the roles.

The black and white cinematography, with touches of color, courtesy of Haris Zambarloukos, is gorgeous and clean.

There’s a sense of humor to the whole thing that can be quite funny.

People clap and dance and laugh and sing, full of life and energy.

And yet, something is missing in Kenneth Branagh’s semi-autobiographical feature about a young boy living in the midst of the Troubles in Ireland.

In trying to create a portrait of an entire neighborhood, Branagh has neglected…The post Belfast Review: Kenneth Branagh’s Drama is Funny and Sweet and Missing Something [TIFF 2021] appeared first on /Film.

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