‘Betty’ Review: Crystal Moselle’s Flashy ‘Skate Kitchen’ Show Is Style Over Substance

Since making an astonishing debut with 2015’s riveting hybrid documentary “The Wolfpack,” filmmaker Crystal Moselle has continued to push the envelope with her distinctive style, honing her singular cinematic voice while expanding her artistic palette.

Her luminous narrative feature debut, “Skate Kitchen” (2018), represented a confident transition from inventive documentary style into a compelling but loosely constructed narrative.

For her evocative portrait of an all-girl skate crew, Moselle cast first-time actors primarily on visual style and charisma, then shaped the story around them.

The result was one of the best movies in recent memory to portray contemporary, young, adult women with the style and tenacity they deserve.Shrewdly building on the solid foundation Moselle laid in “Skate Kitchen,” HBO has given the filmmaker a six-episode, half-hour series to further explore her unique cast of characters.

Re-titled “Betty,” the show brings back tomboy shredder Camille (Rachelle Vinberg), stoner lothario Kirt (Nina Moran

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