Between ‘Being the Ricardos’ and ‘Spider-Man,’ J.K. Simmons Continues to Win the ‘Perfect Casting’ Game

Though it would take three decades for “Being the Ricardos” writer-director Aaron Sorkin to cast J.K.

Simmons in something Sorkin wrote, the filmmaker well remembers when the urge first came to him.“He was an understudy in my first play ‘A Few Good Men,’ back in 1990,” Sorkin told IndieWire of the now widely esteemed actor, “And I got a call from the stage manager just to alert me that he was going on at a Wednesday matinee, so I ran to the theater.

I wanted to catch his performance, understudying the role that Jack Nicholson played in the movie.

He just blew the roof off the theater, a full house on Broadway went crazy.

And I knew after his first scene, ‘This guy is a star.

Keep your eye on him, keep yourself handcuffed to him.’”Sorkin’s debut stage hit with its indelible “You can’t handle the truth” line,

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