Bill Burr Gave an Underrated Performance in Jason Reitman’s Forgotten Political Drama

Bill Burr is one of the biggest names in comedy.

His blunt, loud, and furious tirades are often so ridiculous that it becomes increasingly hilarious to see how the comedian tries to justify his points.

Despite his somewhat fiery appearance on stage, Burr has proven to be a much more than his persona.

The veteran stand-up in recent years has been building quite the impressive acting resume as well, with credits including The King of Staten Island, Breaking Bad, The Mandalorian, Reservation Dogs, and his own projects, F Is for Family, and Old Dads.

His performances in The Mandalorian and Breaking Bad in particular have shown that Burr can slip into different characters that don’t feel anything like his personality on the stage.

In 2018, he starred in Jason Reitman’s underrated American political drama The Front Runner as a journalist named Pete Murphy, and the hilarious comedian makes you forget that he’s funny.

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