‘Billions’ Review: In ‘The Chris Rock Test,’ a New Rival for Bobby Brings a Familiar Refrain

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Billions” Season 5, Episode 2, “The Chris Rock Test,” including the ending.]For a show that’s ostensibly about two morally depraved, power-hungry men locked in a perpetual dick-swinging contest of Shakespearean proportions, this world’s stage hosts a bevy of unconventional secondary characters — and they’re far more than mere players.

Like its HBO cousin “Succession,” “Billions” thrives off support from second stringers that run the gamut from ingratiating eccentrics (see Stephen Kunken’s Ari Spyros) to scrappily ambitious women (Condola Rashad’s Kate Sacker).

True to form, “Billions” came out swinging with its Season 5 premiere, and the second episode makes use of some of its best supporting players to set the chess board for yet another scintillating smackdown of a season.The Showtime drama scored many points when it introduced non-binary sensation Taylor Mason (Asia Kate Dillon) in Season 2, and the writers quickly ramped up the savant trader’s role.

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