Black Mirror’s Hated In The Nation Was True-To-Life For Creator Charlie Booker

Black Mirror” has never been particularly subtle about the points it’s making with each episode, and the final season 3 story “Hated in the Nation” might be the most to the point.

It’s all about a viral hashtag where Twitter users get to wish death upon whoever they want, and the person who’s named in the hashtag the most each day gets murdered by a bunch of robot bees.While the whole bee thing might seem silly, the idea that swarms of people would gleefully take part in the hashtag — even after it became clear that there were real consequences — is painfully realistic.

The internet has given people the freedom to be a lot bolder with their words than they’d probably be in face-to-face interactions, and it’s also made it so that a person can be subjected to a nearly-unfathomable number of hate messages all at once.For Charlie Brooker, the

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