‘Blade’ Director Bassam Tariq Teases MCU Vision: ‘We Can’t Deny What Wesley Snipes Did’

Per the laws of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, details are hush-hush about the upcoming “Blade” reboot.

Based on the comics created by Marv Wolfman, Wesley Snipes first portrayed the half-vampire slayer with supernatural abilities and adroit martial arts skills.

Two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali will now portray the daywalking specter and while production won’t begin until July 2022, some of the film’s specs are coming into focus.To get an idea of the fiery vision that might inform the new “Blade,” check out Bassam Tariq’s just-released sophomore feature “Mogul Mowgli,” now in theaters and starring Riz Ahmed as a rapper suffering from a degenerative illness.

Tariq brings often surreal visuals to the realistic drama (and in a boxy aspect ratio), which should make for an artful contribution to the MCU.While speaking to IndieWire about “Mogul Mowgli,” Ahmed said, “Mahershala keeps texting me saying, ‘Dude, Bassam is out of this world.

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