Blow Out at 40: Brian De Palma’s ingenious thriller remains his greatest

The auteur’s dazzling 1981 masterpiece sees a never-better John Travolta find himself caught in a dangerous murder plotBrian De Palma’s best movie, Blow Out, opens with scene from a movie-within-a-movie, a Z-grade slasher rip-off called Co-ed Frenzy, from the director of such esteemed films as Blood Bath and Blood Bath 2, Bad Day at Blood Beach and Bordello of Blood.

The camerawork mimics the killer Pov shots of Black Christmas and Halloween, peeping through the windows of a sex-crazed sorority house before ducking inside, where the action alternates between T&a and stabbings.

It finally ends with the umpteenth crude variation on the shower scene in Psycho, and the punchline that takes us out of the movie: the actor has a terrible scream.Related: Escape From New York at 40: John Carpenter rebelling against the system

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