Bong Joon Ho Duped Harvey Weinstein With a Hilarious Lie to Save ‘Snowpiercer’ Scene

As Bong Joon Ho sets out on the U.S.

press tour for his Palme d’Or winner “Parasite,” he’s once again being asked to relive the battle with Harvey Weinstein over the final cut of his science-fiction action movie “Snowpiercer.” Bong and Weinstein’s clash is an infamous story for fans of the South Korean master.

After The Weinstein Company bought the distribution rights to “Snowpiercer” in 2012, Harvey was adamant about cutting 25 minutes from Bong’s cut.

Harvey wanted “more Chris Evans,” as Bong tells Vulture writer E.

Alex Jung in a length new profile.“It was a doomed encounter,” Bong said.

“I’m someone who until that point had only ever released the ‘director’s cut’ of my films.

I’ve never done an edit I didn’t want to do.

Weinstein’s nickname is ‘Harvey Scissorhands,’ and he took such pride in his edit of the film.

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