Brian Wilson and Director Brent Wilson Take a ‘Long Promised Road’ Inside a Genius’ Guarded Mind and Music

“He’s a talker” is a phrase that has never been used to describe Brian Wilson, then — in the Beach Boys’ original 1960s heyday — or especially now.

So director Brent Wilson might have been taking on one of the more quixotic filmmaking quests of all time when he set out to make a documentary that would consist primarily of pulling thoughts and memories out of one of the great musical geniuses of the past century, whose shyness with interviews and mental health struggles are well known.

That such a movie — “Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road” — not only exists but provides real windows into its subject’s inner world seems almost incalculable.Today, Brent Wilson (no relation) is in Brian Wilson’s upstairs music room in a house overlooking the San Fernando Valley, holding court to talk about the doc and some new music therein.

The singer, who has had multiple

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