British Bus Drivers Put ‘Alien on Stage’ in Hilarious, Real-Life ‘Waiting for Guffman’

If you knew nothing about the premise of “Alien on Stage,” it would be easy to think you were watching the latest Christopher Guest comedy.

This documentary that plays like a mockumentary tells the improbable tale of a shaggy crew of UK bus drivers who take an amateur stage production of Ridley Scott’s “Alien” to London’s West End — and it’s every bit as hilarious as that sounds.

Revealing amazing feats of technical ingenuity, actors who’d rather be at the pub than learn their lines, and a former military director who hates the spotlight, “Alien on Stage” captures lighting in a bottle.

.Taking its title from the play at its heart, “Alien on Stage” follows a group of Dorset bus drivers as they prepare to mount their annual holiday production for charity.

They call their company Paranoid Dramatics, and it’s a family affair.

Reluctant director Dave

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