China to Ease Limits on Movie Ticket Sales, Screening Length Starting This Weekend

Cinemas in some parts of China have been told that they may now sell up to 50% of their available tickets for each screening and play films over two hours in length without restrictions starting from Aug.

14, local reports and leaked directives show.Concessions may also now be sold — not to snack on in theaters, but, amusingly, as take-away.The easing of theater restrictions is a big positive sign for the China box office prospects of Disney’s “Mulan,” which confirmed on Monday it would hit Chinese theaters “soon,” and Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet,” which is set to debut in the country on Sept.

4.Covid-19 has dealt a blow to the global box office dreams of both films, with Disney choosing to forgo theatrical in most markets and release its live-action remake on its own streaming platform.Chinese cinemas reopened for the first time in six months on July 20.

Initial national

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