Chris Evans Admits He ‘Didn’t Quite Get’ the ‘Snowpiercer’ Script — but He Always Trusted Bong Joon Ho

When “Snowpiercer” hit theaters in 2013, it kicked off an incredible decade for Bong Joon Ho that culminated in his historic Oscar win for “Parasite.” But one of the film’s stars wasn’t convinced that the project was a sure thing.In a new interview with GQ, Chris Evans reflected on the experience of working with Bong on the dystopian film.

He revealed that he didn’t initially understand the script and had questions about the rules of the world in which it takes place.“When I first read the script, I didn’t quite get it,” Evans said.

“I was like, ‘So…what?’ Whenever it’s a movie that’s world-building, you’re creating a completely separate environment.

There’s just kind of a conceit that you have to say, ‘Ok, so everyone just accepts this, this is just how it is? No one is kind of outraged that this is the structure?…

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