Christian Bale Says He Made Less on ‘American Psycho’ Than the Film’s Makeup Artists

It’s almost psychotic to think that Christian Bale made pennies on the dollar compared to his collaborators on “American Psycho.”Bale’s iconic role as yuppie-turned-serial-killer Patrick Bateman came to be only due to director Mary Harron’s vision for Bale in the role — after Leonardo DiCaprio turned it down.“Nobody wanted me to do it except the director.

So they said they would only make it if they could pay me that amount,” Bale said in a GQ cover story.

“I was prepping for it when other people were playing the part.

I was still prepping for it.

And, you know, it moved on.

I lost my mind.

But I won it back.”Bale continued, “In honesty, the first thing was that I’d taken so long trying to do it, and they had paid me the absolute minimum they were legally allowed to pay me.

And I

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