Christopher McQuarrie Turned Down a Number of DC Film Projects To Direct The Next Two Mission: Impossible Films

Yesterday we learned the exciting news that Christopher McQuarrie would return to direct Tom Cruise in two more Mission: Impossible sequels that he would shoot back-to-back.

I expected at least one more sequel, but getting the news that there would be two of them was pretty cool!McQuarrie is obviously very committed to the franchise.

He’s so committed, in fact, that he turned down several offers to direct other movies for various studios that courted him.

According to THR, Warner Bros.

“even tried to seduce him with DC projects.” But, McQuarrie ended up choosing to turn down these opportunities so that he could continue to work on the M:I franchise, which he obviously loves!While it would have been great to see McQuarrie take on a DC project, the DC films aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and WB will still be making DC movies when McQuarrie is done working on the M:I franchise.

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