Cinematographer Bradford Young Calls for ‘Cultural Shift’ to Combat Industry Bias

The message was clear at Saturday’s American Society of Cinematographers meeting about “changing the face of the industry” to include more minorities and women in cinematography in Hollywood.

Engage in collective action from the top down and bottom up, and, if necessary, shame producers and executives into changing their stereotypical hiring practices.“I’m not interested in legislating change — I’m interested in shifting the culture,” said Bradford Young, only the second Oscar-nominated black cinematographer in the history of the Academy Awards (“Arrival”).

“We have to make the cinema we want.”Read More: ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’: Different Directors Meant the Same Vision for Cinematographer Bradford YoungYoung, who has successfully navigated between indies (“Where Is Kyra?”), franchises (“Solo: A Star Wars Story”), and streaming (Ava DuVernay’s upcoming “Central Park Five” series on Netflix), advised minority cinematographers and camera operators to make choices that allow them

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